SWIGIT is a groundbreaking, patent pending, push marketing and social network driven, turn-key, global distribution and monetization product for individual films and media products produced in HD, UHD and 4K.

SWIGIT is a distribution solution and not a distributor. Each SWIGIT is branded under the film’s distribution entity, not Swig Media. Furthermore, the film’s distributor sets the PPV charge, and retains on-going control with the ability to change PPV costs, in real-time. Similarly, thee distributor has, film by film, control over territorial access conditional (country by country), and may also add/modify tag and promo line, all in real-time as well.

SWIGIT brings the content to the target audience, with a one-click to transaction/ viewing solution. SWIGIT may look like a standard link, but rather than linking to an existing destination (as a links do), SWIGIT dynamically, and, in real-time, creates a playback destination that is optimized for the specific device (e.g. device type, format, bandwidth conditions) used to activate a SWIGIT.

SWIGIT is a seismic shift from every aspect:

  • SWIGIT is the first viable, one-stop shop, end-to-end, product and service combination that empowers producers and distributors to re-gain distribution and product control.
  • SWIGIT is a one-click to transaction solution, wherever it is placed (e.g. e-mails, Twitter, Facebook, blogs, websites, etc.)
  • SWIGIT enables distributors to participate with easy to use tools in the marketing efforts, along with all others attached to or invested in the success of the film.
  • Variation on the film distribution SWIGIT now includes: promotion and marketing SWIGITS, infomercial, fundraising, ticket and product sales SWIGITS.
  • SWIGIT enables distributors to participate with easy to use tools in the marketing efforts, along with all others attached to or invested in the success of the film.
  • Variation on the film distribution SWIGIT now includes: promotion and marketing SWIGITS, infomercial, fundraising, ticket and product sales SWIGITS.

SWIGIT delivers uncompromising quality, a superior end-user experience, and unprecedented content management controls. Harnessing as a propellant the most powerful marketing tool on the world-wide-web, ones’ social network, SWIGIT penetrates and captures the film’s target audience globally, and does so far more effectively, and at a fraction of the cost, than any existing alternative.



What It Is

SWIGIT is powered by SWIG MEDIA’s suite of technologies (click on the Breakthrough Technologies button). SWIGIT is a unique, patent-pending, small visual image that can be included in emails and on any social network, most online communications or embedded into any destination.

SWIGIT is highly optimized for viral movement, rapid reproduction and target market penetration globally.

Each SWIGIT is customized for a single film (or content title) and is hosted, managed and streamed on SWIG MEDIA’s infrastructure and the SWIG MEDIA CLOUD Eco System. Each individual SWIGIT is branded under the client’s desired distributor designation -- not as a SWIGIT.

SWIGIT is an electronic distribution and transaction product/service and NOT a distribution company. SWIGIT services include every task needed for content distribution and monetizing, all as a one-stop-shop solution. Our clients retain full control with real-time modification options over rental rates, territorial restrictions (on a country by country basis), and promotional text included on the SWIGIT.

This is a SWIGIT. Please try it.

Film Distribution SwigIT
Promotional SwigIT

SWIGITS can be customized for branding and product launches, direct product sales (transaction enabled), transaction enabled informacials, concert & ticket sales, as well as charity, political, and non-profit fund raising initiatives.

How it works

One-click on a SWIGIT, either as a link or an embed code, immediately offers the film’s descriptive information, a “view trailer” option and a direct to Pay-Per-View option to watch the film. When the SWIGIT embed option is activated, the end-user remains on the destination and does not get taken away to another URL.

In addition to its social network distribution function, SWIGIT is also an ideal solution for any website to become a content destination complete with a Pay-Per-View transaction almost instantly.

Selection guides can be created by placing multiple SWIGITs on desired destinations - the distributor’s website, the talent’s website or the fan club, etc.

You (producer, distributor, and client) have FULL control over quality; access, transaction, and content, as NO more than a few seconds of content at a time are ever streamed or released. There is nonstop real-time communication with the SWIG MEDIA CLOUD and it controls all components of access and distribution quality and conditions.

Market Competitive Advantages of SWIGIT

Best Video Quality

Here’s what separates us from everyone else:

SWIG MEDIA’s combination of proprietary technologies:

  • SWIG’s global load balancing
  • Extreme compression (0.3%)
  • Universal hybrid, adaptive and platform-agnostic encoding
  • Intelligent streaming and player solution

All have proven to be most effective in delivering the best video quality possible on any given playback device and available bandwidth.

  • Continuous monitoring of changing bandwidth and player CPU performance,
  • Adjusts the video stream on the fly (delivered in few second ‘swigs’ rather than progressive download),
  • Insures that the content is always delivered in the very best quality possible, and
  • Eliminates annoying buffering.
Best End USer Experience

SWIGIT serves it right to you

  • Global load balancing,
  • Universal, hybrid, adaptive and platform-agnostic video encoding and,
  • Intelligent streaming and player technologies

SWIGSTREAM is proven to be one the most reliable solutions for delivering the highest quality and the very best viewer experience. SWIGSTREAM continuously senses changing bandwidth and CPU performance on the viewer’s end and adjusts on the fly accordingly. Each user experiences the highest quality possible given their bandwidth and CPU fluctuations - even those with lower bandwidth still receive an uninterrupted experience.

Best Real Time Content Management

Every SWIGIT transaction and playback is controlled, in real-time, by a central media data bank in the SWIG MEDIA CLOUD. This unique, patent pending, solution enables distributors to change the pay Per View charge, at any time, and as often as desired. Any such change is implemented, and reflected immediately on the SWIGIT. Similarly, the distributor can alter territorial access, on a country by country basis, at any time. This feature makes SWIGIT particularly desirable for international distribution as territorial restrictions (or removal of restrictions) are implemented in real-time!

SWIGIT also offers the option to change the promotional information associated with the product. Quotes from film reviews, festival awards, or limited special rate access, can all be added or changed, again in real-time, on each SWIGIT as often as desired.

Easiest Distribution Solution

SWIG MEDIA understands that truly advanced technology solutions must also be invisible and require no technology skills by its users.


It requires no more than simple typing from the distributors and we do the rest. In fact, we do the rest - end-to-end, all with internal resources - better, faster, safer and with unprecedented savings over any other solution.

Breakthrough Technologies

The creation of SWIGIT was made possible by SWIG MEDIA's breakthrough (six patents pending) suite of technologies.

  • The use of a single universal format on all popular devices (from mobile phones to TVs to screening room projectors) thus eliminating major transcoding costs (for instance, Netflix transcodes every film 120 times).
  • Extreme compression that retains uncompromised visual quality yet requires a small fraction of bandwidth needed by others. This solution also enables SWIGIT to stream 4K content under 6.0 Mbps (US household average is 7.0 Mbps) compared to Netflix and others at 15.1 Mbps.
  • Video Programming Interface™ (VPI) is a patent pending one line code solution that enables both the content and the related client-server interactions to be easily sub-distributed. VPI’s can either be used as a link in e-mails, Tweets, on social networks destinations, blogs, etc., or be seamlessly embedded into websites and web applications, Video On Demand menus, etc.
  • The elimination of annoying buffering. SWIGIT delivers content in short ‘swigs’ (seconds of content at a time) rather than progressive download. Each successful swig is dynamically adjusted to any changes in bandwidth to insure the best possible quality without buffering or hiccups.
  • Superior piracy prevention and real-time content rights management including territorial rights management (country by country for each film) and the ability to modify transaction terms - again, all in real-time.
Unparalleled Cost Savings

SWIGIT is perhaps the most cost effective distribution solution in the marketplace. We offer clear and significant market competitive advantages, including an ingestion tool which essentially eliminates format requirements, transcoding, and other technical challenges associated with online distribution.

  • Swigit charges a very modest ingestion and SWIGIT creation fee of $120.00 per film title. This ingestion / SWIGIT creation fee is reduced or eliminated with larger library distribution arrangement.
  • You receive 80% of the revenue (less third party credit card fees) assuming you set a minimum PPV fee of 99 cents. PPV fees, set by you at under 99 cents have a minimum charge of 20 cents by Swigit.

SWIGIT also offers peerless, on-going, and REAL-TIME, management control over your film.

  • You retain REAL-TIME control over the PPV fee you want to charge for your film (which you can change at will).
  • You retain REAL-TIME control over territory restrictions you wish to set (which you can modify as needed).
  • You have REAL-TIME option to add/change promo statements on the films’ presentation page.
  • SWIGIT’s fee schedule includes hosting, storage, streaming and unlimited free streaming of the trailer to prospective PPV clients on the transaction page. We also assist your monetization efforts* (see below) at no additional charge.

*SWIGIT is a comprehensive, one-stop-shop, content distribution and monetization solution, rather than a distribution company. However, we do assist your monetizing efforts by placing every SWIGIT we create on SWIG MEDIA controlled content destinations, at no additional charge or compensation. SWIG MEDIA’s content destinations covers the full spectrum of playback devices globally, and include SWIG TV (on mobile devices), SwigFlix (on all platform) and SWIG4K – Gateway To Global Entertainment, media streaming stick for TV’s, which launched in April 2015.