• Creating a SWIGIT™ requires no technical skills. Our cloud-based Ingestion Tool with ‘drag and drop’ feature, simplifies the complete uploading process.
  • Following Ingestion, a ‘SWIGIT COMPLETION LETTER return. This letter includes the SWIGIT™ in several format options with easy to follow instructions on where and how to use each SWIGIT™ format.
  • SWIGIT™ uniquely allows the distributor/ originator to retain ongoing, REAL-TIME management controls to all content access and transaction terms on a SWIGIT™
  • SWIGIT™ EMPOWERS EVERYONE associated with the product to participate actively in the distribution process to maximize its’ potential in the marketplace.

Interactive components on a SWIGIT™ can include: gift ticket purchase, language options, direct product sales, sponsor coupons/discounts and fan club/brand membership development among others.

Its’ one-click social network sharing/posting feature makes it very simple to propagateon social network via e-mail, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Tumblr, G+ and scores of other social networks.

Using the SWIGIT one-line embed code (included in the Completion Letter) can quickly converts any website (including the distributor’s) into a comprehensive media transaction and PPV destination.  This feature adds a ‘sticky factor’ to any website, making it an attractive addition even for third-parties

SWIGIT™ delivers uncompromising quality (in HD,4K, 4K HDR), a superior end-user experience, and unprecedented, real-time, content management controls.  SWIGIT penetrates and captures the film or the live event’s target audience globally, and does so far more effectively, and at a fraction of the cost, than any existing alternative.